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Harmony Burners and Matching Log Sets

Meatier Log Sets and Taller Flames                                   Choose Wildwood Refractory, Super Wildwood Refractory, or Canyon Ceramic Fiber Log Set                                  24-inch (38,000 Btu) and 30-inch (40,000 Btu) models in Vented/Vent-Free                           Choose Regular or Expanded Ember Bed - an extra inch of glowing embers  

   Canyon Ceramic Fiber Log Set on Harmony Burner


    Wildwood Refractory Log Set on Harmony Burner 


                       Super Wildwood Refractory Log Set

Slope Glaze Burners and Matching Log Sets

Vent-Free Burners - 16-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch and 30-inch Burners - up to 38,000 Btu           Choose Manual, Millivolt, Direct Ignition, and Intermittent Pilot (IP includes On/Off Remote)

Choose Refractory or Ceramic Fiber Log                                              LP or Natural Gas                                Exceptionally realistic flame movement               Made in the U S A


      SUPER SASSAFRAS LOGS                                                                                              AGED OAK LOGS


                                                        PONDEROSA  LOGS                                                                                                                     SASSAFRAS  LOGS                                                                     



The most realistic vent free logs available.

  • High heat quality color
  • Ember Glow creates a realistic look
  • Available in sizes 16/18, 24 and 30 inches
  • On/Off Remote Option (-12)
  • Variable Flame Height Remote Option(-15)
  • Electronic Pilot On/Off Remote Option (-01v)
  • Manual Version available
  • Available in Natural Gas or Propane
  • Certified to ANSI standards


                  EVENING FYRE                                   EFVG18-24



                   CHARRED FRONTIER                   CHFRG10-24



                         SPLIT OAK                                   SG9-24



            CHARRED AGED SPLIT OAK             CHAOG10                      


                ESVG18-24                                 EVENING FYRE SPLIT 



               GOLDEN OAK                                DG9-24  

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