This storm took place on April 30th, 2010 in Jackson, TN. We had over 17” of rain and storms throughout the night. During the storm around 1am on May 1 we heard a loud crash outside our bedroom window. The electrical power went out in our house and within a few minutes we heard the Generac generator start and power was restored to our home. So my wife and I just went back to sleep.

At 8am the power company knocked at our door and told us the power was out in the area and he said we had several trees down next to our home. He noticed we still had power and I told him we had a generator. He said OK and went to look around the outside of the house. In a few minutes he returned to the front door. He told me that a tree had crushed the generator put it was still running. I told him it has been running for 7 hours and he was shocked.

Within an hour the power came back on and the generator stopped and it went back to the stand-by mode. I went outside, saw the generator condition and turned the breaker and gas supply off. I could not believe the damage the generator had experienced and still ran. Yes, a tree fall on it crushing the enclosure but it was also moved nearly two feet out of the original position. The generator has been 100% reliable for over 9 years through storms and tornados and never let us down. Now I have to replace it and of course the replace can only be a GENERAC!

Crushed Generator with Thumbs up